Abbas Ravat

Abbas Ravat

Business Growth Strategist | Marketing Leader | Technology enthusiast at KPIT

Joined 03/23/2017


Astute business strategist with expertise in establishing new markets and new customer segments through marketing initiatives. Extensive experience of working in technology industry. Have successfully launched and promoted Tech Products and services globally for large multinationals. Experience of working in IOT and Smart Cities segments.

Recognized for:
• Business Development Strategy
• New Market Creation
• Go To Market Planning
• Alliance Management
• Product and Service Marketing planning
• Product and Solution Brand building
• Marketing Promotions and Demand generation
• Marketing Communications
• Digital Media
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Director of Product Marketing at KPIT
Head - Global Product Marketing at KPIT
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The Future of Customer Engagement for Product Market Fit
I’d like to map trends and useful tools and techniques for developing and scaling a Customer Advisory Board and other community engagement models.
Transforming the B2B Buying Experience
B2B sales are hard but buying is even harder. Today's buyer is being bombarded with a constant flow of emails, phone calls, and social touches which is creating lots of noise for buyers to pick out the signal that matters. We are looking to learn how organizations are using science and sincerity to 'rise above the noise' to create a better buying experience.
The Sprinklr CMO Advisory Board: Defining the Future of Marketing
Title: The Sprinklr CMO Advisory Board
Tagline: Defining the Future of Marketing
About: Marketing is now the most distinguishing, critical function for business. Today, marketing is responsible for building relationships with a company’s top asset – the customer. Connecting with customers is no longer about broadcasting a clever message. In our social world, it’s what customers say about brands that truly matters most. This new reality requires a fundamental shift in marketing strategies.

The CMO Advisory Board brings together passionate leaders to discuss current industry challenges and define the future of marketing. Through a series of virtual and in-person events, members will share their world-shifting visions for the future of marketing, advertising, social media management and more. The CMO Advisory Board is a forum of ideas – the bigger, the better – for how brands can offer game-changing customer experiences on every touchpoint imaginable.

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